Zoop Dive Computer from Suunto Review

Suunto has done it again; it introduced a new revolutionary easy-to-use diver’s watch and dive computer. This was not the first time in Suunto’s history – The Zoop Dive Computer is the latest branch in the Suunto Dive Computer family tree.

Function Of The Dive Computer
For every dive computer to function optimally it needs to be able to measure at least two parameters; depth and time anything else is derived from there. Suunto has many years of experience in the dive computer industry and has over the years refined their decompression software to ensure safe and pleasant dives for anyone using the Suunto dive computers. The Suunto RGBM in-house developed and tested algorithm has proven over the years to be a safe decompression guide for sports divers.

The Zoop offers a pre-dive planner which then can be entered into the dive computer for later reference. This is a great tool for rectangular dives. However when diving along reefs its best to leave it to the Zoop dive computer to give it it’s best.

Dive Computer for Everyone

Nitrox, Technical Divers & Rebreather Divers
Technical divers will enjoy the Zoop too as the Zoop Dive Computer takes nitrox gasses into consideration. It allows divers to pre-plan their dive profiles. The nitrox mixes can be set in 1% increments between 21% and 50% of oxygen content in the gas mixture. The Zoop can be used by open-circuit rebreather divers as the partial pressure can be set between 1.2 and 1.6 bar

Bright yellow or bright orange are the color ranges Suunto offers. Furthermore, the Zoop Dive Computer with its easy adjustable large wrist strap is easy to wear on the wrist, but also over any wet or dry suit. Additionally, the Suunto Double-In Console offers a comfortable housing for divers who like their dive computers in a console.

The Zoop dive computer is an extremely versatile underwater instrument which helps any diver wearing it to be more in control of dive time and dive depth. The optional software package offers the diver to log dives and see the dive profiles in large detail.

Suunto offers a special product support page for all their dive computer users. Registration can be done at My Suunto.

Suunto over the years has shown to be on top of their game and has proven to be an excellent choice for anyone wearing their diver’s watches and dive computers. The Zoop Watch is no exception and any diver investing in such a delegate watch will enjoy the pleasure of safe diving.

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