Sea Turtles Guaranteed. Black Tip Reef Sharks as a Bonus.

Looking to spot a sea turtle? Don’t test your luck any longer, at the Phi Phi islands in western Thailand, spotting these graceful creatures is on a daily agenda of many local dive centers. You are almost guaranteed to see at least one sea turtle cruising around the waters, biting off a piece of coral or just taking a breath at the surface when you go diving at Koh Phi Phi in the Andaman Sea.

Of course, nothing is 100%, especially in the sea, however, the dive sites next to Phi Phi Ley island (Malong in particular) do have the territorial sea creatures in abundance, so your chances are very very good. On the next dive site over, Palong, there is a black tip reef shark nursery, so if your eyesight does not deceive you, look into the distance and you might see a few of these ultimate predators lurking in the murky distance. Other animals that you might see include colorful nudibranchs, many pufferfish and porcupine puffers, morey eels, lion fish, scorpion fish, kuhl’s blue spotted stingrays, some triggerfish (not as many as in Koh Tao though) and a lots more sea life.

phi phi islands sea turtle

by Simen S

What is beautiful about Koh Phi Phi’s dive sites is that they are very close (about 20mins boat ride), so even the most light hearted divers who suffer from sea sickness could enjoy the beauty of the Andaman Sea. However, if you are a sea worthy dog and are not afraid of big waves on the open sea, you should consider a trip to the Hin Daeng and Muang pinnacles. The trip takes about 1.5 hrs with a very bumpy speed boat, however, if he sea gods are on your side and you have been good this year, you might see large manta rays at their cleaning stations and even a migratory whale sharks plowing through the open seas.

There are a many dive centers on the Phi Phi island with a varied levels of expertise and equipment, so choose carefully. One recommendation comes into mind, The Adventure Club. In addition to being a superb dive center with amazing staff, The Adventure Club also puts a lot of effort into the restoration of Phi Phi underwater life into its glory prior to the December 2004 horrific tsunami. They maintain a coral reef nursery and an artifical coral reef where they grow new coral and educate interested divers about the marine life ecosystem. If you want to get involved and help to preserve our oceans, the Andaman Sea in this example, just give them a shout.

Now that you have a bit more info about the Andaman Sea and the Phi Phi islands, all it remains is just to plan the trip:).

And finally, when you pay a visit to see the turtles, sharks and other marine createures at the Phi Phi island, please be wary that you are a guessed in their house/environment, so do not touch or disturb them in anyway. Especially, the sea turtles as they will let you come very close. Just relax and enjoy the graceful underwater world.

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  1. Graham Croft says:

    would like to email your dive centre at Phi Phi (long Beach) please let me know the email address as I need to get in touch with them. Kind regards
    Graham Croft

  2. sde says:

    @Graham Croft: just sent you the email address

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