Anyone Can Now Enjoy Snorkeling (Safe Snorkeling with Swim Safety Device)

If you love to watch marine life documentary films, but you lack the confidence of going out on your own to snorkel in the open sea, I have just the answer for your dilemma. If you are an experienced snorkeler, but you often find yourself checking for incoming boat traffic instead of focusing on what great mating rituals are happening under the water, I have just the answer to your dilemma as well. Meet the Swim Safety Device. Even though, its original purpose is meant for keeping swimmers safe during open water swimming, it can easily just as well be used during your next snorkel trip.

The Swim Safety Device is much more than just a float. Its seamless use and effectiveness make it a perfect safety gear for the snorkeling community. So, how does it work?

Swim 4 health - swim safety deviceThe float itself is about 50 cm long and 25 cm tall when fully inflated and it is able to easily support a full grown person, so you don’t have to worry about the float not being able to withstand your weight. It was designed to keep a swimmer safe, so you are in good hands. The safety device is attached to your waist with a band and a snap buckle which in turn is attached via a lead line to the float. This attachment allows you to move freely around the surface of the water while exploring the wonders of the underwater life. You don’t even know, the float is there until you need it. When you need to take a rest, all you need to do is just wrap your arm around the float and for better grip, catch a nicely designed handle on the bottom of the device. This will allow you to have a good grip which won’t slide off.

Wait, there is more. If you think that the float will cause you to exert extra energy when kicking around the surface with your fins, think again. The device is designed in a such a way that the float just hangs in the wake behind you and is actually moving in the direction of your kick without you barely noticing. The reason for this is that when you kick forward, your body causes the water behind your swirl and follow you in the direction of your swim. So, the float takes advantage of this physics phenomenon and follows you wherever you go without hindering your movement, thus draining a precious energy you could use elsewhere.

dry bag storage compartmentIf this has not convinced you yet, how about if I told you that the Swim Safety Device also serves as a dry bag. No more worrying about the items you left unattended on the beach, just put your towel, flip flops, sunglasses, sun tan lotion and perhaps even a small water bottle into the float, close the water tight seal, inflate it with your mouth and voila, all your stuff is with you during your snorkel trip and dry when you get back.

Finally, other benefits of using the Swim Safety Device include improved snorkelers visibility. Next time when you watch a fellow snorkeler from the beach or a boat, pay attention how visible the snorkeler is. Usually, it takes a while to spot the person snorkeling, because the only thing that is sticking out is a snorkel, a clump of hair on the back of the head and a slow motion of the fins splashing. Now, if this is so hard for a stationary person to spot a snorkeler, how about a moving speed boat. That is almost an impossible feat in 60km/h moving boat. Unfortunately, these accidents of moving boats running over a lone snorkeler are quite common. However, with the Swim Safety Device and its screaming bright orange color, you will not only be safe from fatigue, but also from any boats coasting around the area as they will see you from far far away.

storing the swim safety deviceTo top all these features off, when fully deflated and stored, the Swim Safety Device is not much bigger than a smart phone, so it can easily be added to your luggage without sacrificing the needed space. If you have your own equipment, you can even squeeze it into one of your fins and you won’t even know it is there.

As you can see, the Swim Safety Device is a brilliant piece of equipment to have with you on your next vacation trip. So, whether you are just a snorkeler wannabe or a seasoned experienced snorkeler, the Swim Safety Device is a must have for anybody who has any self-preservation bone left in their body. The beauty of it also is that it only costs $29.95, so skip a few coffee breaks with your colleagues or a meal and you just bought yourself the greatest equipment out there which might just save your life.

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